3 Roofing Resolutions for 2017

roofing resolutionsHome remodeling is a common New Year’s resolution. However, we always stress that functional renovations should be given priority over aesthetic changes. With that in mind, why not kick start 2017 with a roofing resolution? This goes for both residential and commercial facilities.

Resolutions for Your Roof

Any roof upgrade begins with an inspection to determine where fixes and modifications can be made. Here are three of the common recommendations we make, based on what we often uncover during an inspection.

1. Total Roof Replacement

Roofs are designed to last anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime. If your roof is well into its golden years, then now may be a good time to replace it. A new residential roof will perform better functionally while also enhancing curb appeal. Perhaps a new tile or wood shake roof will provide a fresh appearance over the existing shingles that are peeling away.

2. Fix the Gutters

Water can pool on the roof or even form into ice dams if the gutters are clogged with debris. Disjointed seams, or the entire unit’s pulling away from the wall can also inhibit normal function.

At the very least, make a resolution to get on a ladder and check the gutters. There might be leaves and other debris that are disrupting the flow of water. Gutter maintenance is among our additional services.

3. Fix the Eaves

The eave, or overhang, is the part of the roof that extends over the walls. This part is prone to oxidation if the panels are made from metal. The fascia board is also susceptible to damage, especially from rot if it’s made of wood.

Start 2017 with a Renovated Roof

Begin 2017 by picking up the phone and calling Roofing & Construction, LLC. Remember: function over appearances. With that said, however, fixing a damaged part of the roof will often also improve appearances. Make a roofing resolution this year to improve home efficiency for the rest of the year and beyond.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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