Different Types of Roofing Warranty Options

roofing warrantyIt only makes sense to obtain a warranty since roofing is such a big monetary investment. Like insurance, warranties come in various policies. We’ll explain the types of roofing warranty options available for both residential and commercial projects.

Roofing Warranty Types

Labor and Material

As stated in its name, this warranty covers defects associated with the materials and/or workmanship. There is usually a maximum limit on what the manufacturer is liable for.

Materials Only

Pretty self-explanatory. This is essentially a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects associated with materials. This warranty is usually included at no additional cost to the homeowner.

No Dollar Limit

This is the equivalent of full coverage in an insurance policy. It includes full materials and labor provisions even if an entire re-roofing is necessary. Of course, there may still be limitations outlined in the contract. Also, no dollar limit warranties don’t cover damages that resulted due to homeowner negligence.

Roofing Contractor’s Warranty

The hired roofing contractor provides this depending on the company’s own policies. Warranty terms may also differ between commercial and residential roofing projects. In short, the contract simply outlines the roofer’s obligations. It’s usually limited in terms of what it covers. The warranty may also be transferable in the event the property is sold.

Membrane Only

This is the base warranty that usually comes with most commercial roof servicing. It only covers the membrane and does not include other roof components like the sheet metal or insulation.

Manufacturer’s Roofing System Warranty

This is usually an extension to the membrane-only warranty and may cover additional components. There are options that cover everything, much like a no-dollar limit warranty, or limited options that may cover an extra roof component or two.

All of Our Projects Are Warranty-Backed

Make Roofing & Construction, LLC your contractor for your next roofing project. Our roofing and other services are all backed by a base warranty, though there are other roof warranty types you may choose.

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